Channel Five, Sky both want to bring Pop Idol back to the UK

Two networks in the UK are vying to bring American Idol‘s parent back to the air. Although the American version has aired five seasons, Pop Idol only aired two seasons, and then was replaced by ITV with The X Factor.

Now, however, “ITV’s option has run out” and “Channel Five and Sky [are] battling with ITV to re-launch it,” The Sun reports. The return of the show would have “less emphasis on the judges and more on the performers,” according to the paper. It will not, however, feature Simon Cowell, who is too busy with the American version and other things.

A Sky executive says “Pop Idol is a great brand and when it’s clear what programme is available, we’ll look at it,” while an ITV exec told the paper, “We have made it clear that we want to be included in the pitch round for Idol and we have been told we will be.”

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