Mr. T’s I Pity the Fool debuts tonight on TV Land

TV Land’s new reality series I Pity the Fool, which (obviously) stars Mr. T, debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET. On the show, Mr. T “goes into the real world to dispense advice, motivate procrastinators and rev up slackers,” according to the show’s site. The entire episode is already available on Yahoo TV.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Erik Pedersen says the show is “so carefully staged that nothing is left to chance,” and thus the series “is ultralightweight comedy at best. … Nonfans needn’t bother.” The Washington Post’s John Maynard calls it “a treacly, overbearing reality show” which “is a half-hour of the star spewing clunky cliches and mind-numbing advice as he and the participants get embarrassingly sentimental.”

But The Boston Herald’s Linda G. Kincaid actually likes it, calling the series “a fresh, funny take on the life-makeover show that will crack you up, warm your heart and maybe even leave you a little teary.”

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