Two-a-Days concludes online tonight; production has started on season two

MTV’s reality series Two-a-Days concludes its first season tonight, sort of. The penultimate episode airs on MTV at 10:30 p.m. ET, and immediately afterward, the finale will air on

That’s remarkable, according to The Hollywood Reporter, because “MTV said this is the first time that any network has shot a season finale specifically and exclusively for online air.” However, the online-only finale will air on TV next week, which kind of makes it just seem like they’re showing the finale online first and makes the word “exclusively” not quite accurate.

Despite its ridiculous, moronic-sounding name (yes, I realize it’s a football term), the series, which follows the football team at Hoover High School in Alabama, the show has been a hit for MTV this fall. Production started for a second season at the end of September, according to the AP. MTV paid $20,000 to film the first season, according to the Hoover Gazette, but a school board member says “we’d like to see changes in the compensation and in the details of the working relationship” for the second season.

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