Evan Marriott, the original Joe Millionaire, is “burnt from the whole thing”

Three years after saying his 15 minutes were up, Evan Marriott, the star of Joe Millionaire, has apparently given up living in the shadow of his fame.

He’s now the “owner of his own construction business in California,” according to The Virginian-Pilot, which says Evan “wasn’t thrilled about talking to” the paper when they contacted him. But he did talk to them, even though “he was recently contacted by The Orange County Register newspaper in California for an interview” and “declined.”

Now, says, “I’m just burnt from the whole thing. I’m done with it.” But his fame still haunts him today.

The paper reports that “the one time he passed out business cards, people who recognized his name left him sour messages.” Thus, he refused to give the name of his new construction company to the paper, and says, “I prefer to keep it that way [getting business by referral].”

However, Evan’s dad says his son isn’t quite as bitchy about his fame as he makes it seem. “We went to a restaurant,and people recognized him. He was willing to sign autographs, take pictures. He’s willing to take time with people, willing to talk to people,” Hank Marriott said.

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