CW plans House of Horrors reality series

The CW is taking its reality TV in a direction quite opposite that of its one current reality series, Top Model. House of Horrors will find “competitors trying to stay ‘alive’ in a mysterious house in which they must face their darkest fears. One by one, players are ‘killed off’ via elaborately staged ‘deaths’ that will mix elements of the reality and horror genres,” Variety reports.

That sounds somewhat like the hybrid series Murder in Small Town X, which aired on FOX five years ago. According to Variety, instead of “gruesome chills, a la ‘Saw,’ it’s believed ‘Horrors’ will attempt to pull off the sort of ‘fun’ scares found in pics such as the ‘Scream’ franchise.” Yes, being stabbed to death with a knife is much more fun that, say, getting your head squished in a big spikey clamp.

The series will be executive produced by director Sam Raimi and was created by Gunnar Witterberg, a producer on Treasure Hunters.

Raimi faces reality in CW scream skein [Variety]