Sara Evans will explain her departure tonight in a seven-minute pre-taped message

Sara Evans will appear on tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars 3 to explain her departure, although it will be via a pre-taped, seven-minute message.

Her attorney told The Tennessean that Sara “did an interview explaining her reasons for withdrawing.” The paper adds that the segment “is expected to be about seven minutes long and will not go into detail about her divorce allegations but should contain general statements about her leaving the show. She is not expected to give any other interviews for a while.”

Meanwhile, a state judge on Thursday approved a temporary restraining order and custody order based on the allegations in Ms. Evans’s divorce request,” according to the New York Times. However, Sara’s husband denies her charges in a statement:

“I adamantly deny the allegations that are being made. As distressing as it is to have to communicate about this matter publicly, Sara has unfortunately become a dramatically different person over the last year, and it is something we have struggled to deal with. Sadly, it appears we have failed.”

The Washington Post has new details from her divorce filings that involve Dancing with the Stars: Sara “says in the court papers, late last month he screamed at her that she could not let a costume designer for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ into their temporary L.A. home because the costume designer was a ‘sodomite.’ She also claims he told her one of their children broke out in hives upon seeing the costume designer.”

According to The New York Times, “The divorce filing says Mr. Schelske is unemployed, but he is listed online as the chairman of CraigPAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing Republicans in state and national races … [and] is also listed online as the executive director of American Destiny, a nonprofit organization that promotes the role of religion in the founding of the United States.”

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