Top Mode 7’s debut watched by 5.26 million viewers; Biggest Loser has “respectable” debut

The CW can relax: Despite launching on a new network and, in many places, a new channel, America’s Next Top Model 7 debuted with strong ratings. An average of 5.26 million people watched the first episode, which is “the same number as showed up for the sixth-season premiere in March, and it represented a 10% spike from last fall’s rollout,” according to the LA Times.

Although the show came in fourth place among total viewers and viewers ages 18 to 49, Variety reports “it moved to the timeslot lead in adults 18-34,” meaning it was the most-watched show of the night on any network among those younger viewers.

The network’s president, Dawn Ostroff, said, “We were prepared for the worst and pleasantly surprised at the outcome. It was really hard to bring everyone in. I thought we’d start off slow, and our goal was by the end of the season to get all the viewers back. But to have grown on ‘Top Model,’ that was beyond our expectation.”

At the exact same time, NBC’s debut of The Biggest Loser 3 debuted with what Variety calls “respectable numbers.” An average of 7.18 million people tuned in, and more significantly, ratings “[grew] with each half-hour.”

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