America’s Next Top Model 6 debuts tonight and launches the CW network

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the new CW network launches with the debut of America’s Next Top Model 7, on which 13 models will compete to be the next next next next next next next top model.

This new season has been affected by the ongoing strike of the show’s story producers, those who craft stories from the footage shot for each episode. While the network says everything’s fine, the union that the writers want to join says that many of this season’s episodes are unfinished. So if something seems off at some point during the season, the strike might be to blame.

Another challenge the show faces is the fact that the series is on a new network, and thus a new channel for many people. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 63 percent of former UPN viewers will be watching Tyra and gang on a new channel. So, find your new station now.

In other related news, to celebrate/advertise the new season, you can have Tyra call your friends (warning: obnoxious music) with a Mad Lib-esque message. Answer questions–such as your friend’s name, their diva-like behaviors (for example, “working those eyes”), your relationship to your friend (“sugar daddy”)–and your friend will get a call from Tyra. If Tyra hasn’t prerecorded your or your friend’s names, you’ll pick a nickname (“chocolate fantasy”), It’s kind of fun; start annoying your friends now.

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