Trump: “I had to fire [Carolyn] but it wasn’t like one of my dramatic boardroom scenes”

For the final word on Donald Trump firing Carolyn Kepcher, we turn to Trump’s blog, which is less scary for the fact that Trump actually seems to write it than for the comments that follow every post. (Sample: “Check out my profile then you know who I am and definitely you cannot sleep! I am a person that you dreamt about and waiting of your notice to appear in The Apprentice. See you soon, Donald!”)

Anyway, Trump blogged late Sunday about his latest firing, but says he did not fire her using his infamous cobra move. “I had to fire her but it wasn’t like one of my dramatic boardroom scenes,” he writes.

He also writes, “I like Carolyn very much but she loved her fame and she loved her celebrity on ‘The Apprentice’ and it was affecting her work. She wasn’t doing her job like she used to or was capable of doing. So I felt that after 11 years together it was time for a rest.”

Trump confirms that “Ivanka replaces Carolyn next season,” and adds that “Ivanka did a fantastic job last year and she continues to amaze me with her talents.” She’ll have a long career at the Trump Organization, just as long as she doesn’t improve her fame-whoring talents that her father models so well.

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