Carolyn says she wasn’t fired, but it was a ‘mutual’ decision; George disagrees

Carolyn Kepcher showed up on Good Morning America–ABC’s morning show, not NBC’s–to tell the world that she wasn’t really fired by Donald Trump, she says; instead, she left his company voluntarily.

“In my mind, this was mutual,” Carolyn said. But then she qualified that slightly, saying, “I had different goals, he had other goals; I think we remain friends.” You think? “Donald and I have been talking about my future for some time … and we just had different visions of where I was going to go in this organization,” she added.

Carolyn insisted that her speaking engagmenets “never” interrupted her work, and said “I don’t know, I don’t remember that” about the reported time when she was MIA and made Donald Trump wait.

During hre interview, Carolyn watched a clip of George saying that Carolyn developed an ego and “bask[ed] in the glory of the limelight.” Carolyn resisted the opportunity to George-bash, saying, “I love George. I respect George. I disagree with everything he just said.”

The most shocking part of the interview came in the introduction. “In fact, a lot of us tuned in to watch Carolyn every week,” Diane Sawyer said in that insipid, patronizing tone she has. And I thought Julie Chen was the most clueless morning show anchor.

‘Apprentice’ Co-Star Says Donald Didn’t Dump Her [Good Morning America]