Sekou wasn’t familiar with Survivor before CBS called to recruit him

The first person to be voted off Survivor Cook Islands, Sekou Bunch, says that when he was recruited for the show, “he initially only viewed it as another acting gig,” according to the Calgary Sun.

Sekou is one of the three confirmed actors on the series, and tells the paper, “I just got through shooting the movie Dreamgirls and … I got this call. When they told me I had a one in 20 chance of making a million dollars, I thought, for seven weeks, it’s not a bad deal.” (Incidentally, Dreamgirls also stars American Idol 3‘s Jennifer Hudson.)

But he wasn’t familiar with the show. “If American Idol wanted me to go on, I’d say, ‘Wow, this is big,” but I didn’t realize (Survivor) was this big until the controversy came out. I was really stoked,” he says.

Like any good actor, he wants his one episode of fame to fuel his career. “I hope I get a larger audience to listen to my music — I think that may have happened already — and it will open me up to possible more film deals,” he said.

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