Survivor tribes integrate and the race war begins as one tribe forms alliances along racial lines

The racially segregated tribes, which stirred up so much controversy, only lasted two weeks. Last night, the four tribes became two: Aitutaki and Rarotonga.

“Drop your buffs. You have been living together as tribes base upon ethnicity; it is now time to integrate,” Jeff Probst told everyone at the challenge. Two men and two women were selected at random to pick new, same-sex tribes, which they did in such a way that the old tribes became evenly divided. Then the four same-sex tribes merged, creating two diverse groups. At least one of the white people was able to talk about his new tribemates like they were actual human beings with names. Or not. Jonathan told his tribemate Jessica, “I think we can align with a couple of the Asians.”

Actually, that’s what happened: Jonathan and Candice aligned with Yul and Becky, and both Cao Boi and Jessica ended up voting with them. Of course, that new alliance represents the Asian and white tribes; the other group was made up of members from the Latino and black tribes. Sundra and Ozzy joined Cecilia to vote against Becky, but the other alliance used their five votes to vote out Cecilia.

If that alliance stays intact for two more visits to Tribal Council, the new Aitutaki tribe will have only white and Asian people. Perhaps the race wars have begun.