Lukas Rossi wins Rock Star: Supernova

Lukas Rossi has been selected as the lead singer for the group about to be known as something other than Supernova. He’s now the second Canadian to win Rock Star.

“Lukas, your look, your energy, your vocals, the way you move, everything has been really really amazing for us,” Tommy Lee said. “You’re our boy. Welcome. Hell, yeah.”

While he apparently received the most votes after Tuesday’s performance show, his victory confirms a spoiler from two weeks ago, when Janet Charlton reported Lukas had already been selected the winner. That prompted Dave Navarro to deny that was true, but that Lukas defeated Dilana Robichaux, who was the favorite among many, might prompt theories that the group wanted a male lead singer or had already selected him.

Interestingly, in an interview Lukas did last night with, he says, “I wasn’t going to walk away from this without being the singer, man.” That prompts the interviewer to ask, “So you knew going into it that you were going to emerge the victor?” Lukas clarified his remark, saying, “Well, yes and no. If the band chose somebody besides myself because it would have made the band what they wanted for their vision then I would step back and respect that. But, you know, I’m standing here now and obviously I was the right person for the job.”

Canadian Lukas Rossi wins Rock Star: Supernova [CP]