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It’s fall, which means its time for yet another site redesign. In truth, this redesign, which has been underway since last May, is designed to make pages easier to navigate and load faster, and to take advantage of the wider monitors that nearly everyone who reads reality blurred now uses. Plus, as you’ll see, the site’s essentially the same, just cleaner and wider.

As part of the new site, there’s a new section: Subscribe. Here, you can find reality blurred‘s two RSS feeds, one of which has the full content of every post (with ads), and one of which has just headlines and brief summaries (with no ads). Use them in your favorite newsreader; already, more than 4,000 of you read reality blurred this way.

More significantly, you can now sign up to receive an e.mail message every day with the latest headlines, in case you miss a story that, for example, is published late in the day. It’s the easiest way to keep up, and since I am not an evil cretin, I promise your e.mail address will be used only to send those messages, and you can unsubscribe any time. Subscribe now.

Right now, only a few pages have been switched to the new look and feel, so I can make adjustments based upon your feedback; next week, the new look will officially debut. I welcome your feedback, but would especially like to hear from you if you have any problems viewing the new pages, say, on your Commodore 64 running Netscape Navigator. (The new site is optimized for new browsers, but will still be readable by those who stubbornly insist upon using IE 5.) Let me know what you think.

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