Project Runway 3 keeps all four designers for Fashion Week

The speculation and guessing about Project Runway 3‘s final three can now end, because there was no final three. Instead, the judges decided to keep all four final designers, a smart move considering three of them pretty much screwed up their final challenge.

Heidi Klum tried to fake us out by saying the judges might just send two designers to Fashion Week, but instead they sent all four. The judges gave the designers “absolute creative freedom” for the final challenge, as Nina Garcia told them, and everyone but Uli choked. Michael and Jeffrey were the last two left standing after Uli won the competition, and Heidi told them, “You’re both–(long dramatic pause)–in. We do believe in both of you, so you’ll each design a collection for Olympus Fashion Week.”

With this news, we know now that, unlike the past two seasons, there was no decoy collection presented at Fashion Week. And we also now know why Michael’s model was wearing one of Uli’s outfits: she stole his model last night when she had the chance to select a new model. Michael was initially angry, but was ultimately content with his new model, who he said looked great in his dress. “I even made a white girl look like she has some ass. That’s how damn sexy my dress is,” he said.

Next week is the reunion episode, and it will be followed by two weeks of finale.

Season three: episode 11 [Bravo]