Finalists’ collections photos are online, although some journalists were “shut out”

The Project Runway 3 show was held in Bryant Park this morning, but at least a few journalists were not allowed inside the tent. The San Jose Mercury News’ Donna Kato says she and several other journalists were “shut out,” saying that besides her paper, “there wasn’t room to accomodate the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Florida Sun Sentinel, Boston Herald, Denver Post or Kansas City Star among others, either.”

Kato floats a few rumors, starting with the suggestion “that after letting us in for the past two seasons, Bravo decided too much information was given away before the finale aired.” She doesn’t find plausible, but also says some think “that Harvey Weinstein, whose company owns Bravo television station, decided he needed all the invites for his friends and entourage.”

But even though those newspaper journalists weren’t able to get in, some real journalists scored what they say are “exclusive photos from each of the four remaining designers’ collections.” Yes, the Best Week Ever blog has photographs from each of the final four designers’ collections. Don’t look if you want to be surprised when the show actually airs.

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