Feast debuts in select theatres tonight for a two-night run

The Project Greenlight 3 film is finally here. Yes, Feast will officially be released in theatres tonight, although in (very) limited release. It will then be released on DVD Oct. 17.

The film will be shown at late-night screenings tonight and tomorrow night in 95 cities, according to the film’s MySpace blog.

MTV explores the film’s troubled trip to theatres, asking if the film is getting this treatment because it’s bad, unmarketable, or just because it’s a Project Greenlight movie.

The film’s co-writer, Marcus Dunstan, appreciates that the studio is releasing the film in theatres and defends the studio’s decisions. “It’s a big investment on their part just to give horror fans a chance to check this thing out big and bad,” he said. However, according to MTV, he “has another movie deal at Dimension for a script he wrote called ‘The Midnight Man,'” so he has a reason not to piss off his bosses.

Of the six reviews currently listed on MetaCritic, only one is positive. That review is from Entertainment Weekly, which says Feast “annotates itself raw with self-awareness and winky excess but its glimmers of true ramshackle abandon are decidedly throwaway.” ReelViews gives the film the harshest review, saying, “John Gulager appears clueless when it comes to simple aspects of filmmaking like how to move a camera without inducing motion sickness” but is “apparently aware that his movie is crap.”

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