A&E airs special about Dog’s arrest tonight

A&E will come to its stars defense tonight when it airs a special episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter titled “The Family Speaks” at 10 p.m. ET.

The network, which has related photos on its web site, non-objectively describes the episode, saying it “includes exclusive interviews offering a first hand account of the events leading to Dog, Leland and Tim’s dramatic arrest stemming from their heroic capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico more than three years ago.”

In jail, Dog says he encountered some of the people he’d hunted down and captured. “I was totally freaked out. There were guys that I had put in there that were yelling all sorts of things at me,” he tells the New York Times.

As to the arrest, Dog’s attorney, William C. Bollard, says, “I have a high level of confidence that we will be able work with the good will and good faith of the Mexican authorities in resolving this satisfactorily.”

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