Marathon of HGTV’s Design Star airs tomorrow

This weekend, I finally watched HGTV’s Design Star, a competition featuring interior decorators. HGTV aired a marathon yesterday, in addition to repeating the last few episodes frequently, and I was instantly addicted.

Apparently, I’m one of the last to get on board, and I blame Deadwood and Big Brother for consuming all of my TV attention on Sundays. According to a message sent by HGTV’s PR firm, the show’s Aug. 20 episode was watched by almost three million people, “a 128 percent INCREASE from series launch, and a 44 percent rise from last week.”

Design Star is unexpectedly brilliant. It’s like Trading Spaces meets Project Runway, with some Wickedly Perfect thrown in for fun; it’s kind of hard to believe TLC never managed to get its post-Paige Davis act together to develop a show like this, but bravo to HGTV for doing so. Perfectly cast with just enough crazy-ass people (Ramona and Vanessa, I’m looking at you) to keep things interesting, the show has narrowed down the field to two exceptionally qualified and telegenic designers. One of them will win their own HGTV series.

Voting is open until noon tomorrow, and HGTV has video clips of both designers, plus highlights from episodes. And if you, like me, missed the series, HGTV will reair it starting tomorrow at noon ET. The finale, which includes a reunion of the designers, airs Sunday at 9.

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