David Bromstad wins Design Star

David Bromstad has won HGTV’s Design Star, and thus his own show on the network. His win was revealed at the very, very end of the show’s final episode last night, which consisted of 58 minutes of time-wasting and two minutes of slow-motion hugging and celebrating; in-between, host Clive Pearse announced the winner.

We don’t yet know how David feels, since after he was revealed to be the winner, he did not speak. But he looked happy. Alice Fakier didn’t walk away empty-handed; both she and David were presented with one last paint bucket, each of which contained a key to a Mercury Mariner.

The episode was also a quasi-reunion, although there was very little time for the contestants to interact with one another with all of the clips being shown. Ramona, however, had time to show that she was was as nutty as usual, dressed in a superhero-esque outfit with a cape. She told Clive, “I came as Uber Designer.”

The show also included a blooper reel, and a segment that made fun of Vanessa vomiting up her made-up word “glamalistic.” Apparently, she said it 21 times in the first episode alone, which by my count is 21 times too many.

Episode 8: Season Finale [HGTV]