Al Sharpton endorses Tucker Carlson

After the recent revelation that Tom DeLay had endorsed Sara Evans, encouraging his supporters to vote for her on Dancing with the Stars 3, I wondered if Tucker Carlson’s feelings were hurt. As it turned out, he has an ally of his own: Al Sharpton.

Tucker told the New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove that he asked Sharpton for the endorsement, because “Nobody turns out the vote like the Reverend Al.” Mocking DeLay’s endorsement of Evans, Sharpton issued his own humorous statement praising Tucker and encouraging his supporters to vote for him:

“We are living in trying and uncertain times. That’s why now, more than ever, we need a strong leader who will stand up for what we believe. Better yet, we need a leader who will dance for what we believe. Tucker Carlson is just such a dancer. Watch Tucker do the cha-cha and then call in your vote to make sure he advances to the next week’s show. You can call as often as you like. Remember: Voting in celebrity dance contests is not just your right in this country, it’s a privilege. … If you sit back idly and fail to perform your civic duty, lesser dancers could win this competition. America simply cannot afford that.”

Sharpton said, however, that he has more than one motive for endorsing Tucker: “I want to balance the influence of DeLay and at the same time get a right-winger off talk television and help Tucker find another career. I think it would be a great contribution to society to have him as a cheeseball disco dancer than a talk-show host propagating right-wing politics.”

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