Darrell and Aviv win Fresh Meat Challenge

Darrell has won a Real WorldRoad Rules Challenge for the fourth time. He and his teammate Aviv, the only functional team remaining on the Fresh Meat season, each received $125,000 after placing first in the 10-mile race that was the final challenge.

Tina and Kenny, who spent the whole series alternately screaming at and hugging each other, came in second place. And Wes came in third place with his teammate Casey.

Perennial prick Wes took time out from calling Casey a “stupid bitch” to tell us that “she’s too young, immature, and stupid to really understand how much is on the line right now,” because that year or two difference in their ages makes all the difference for understanding what a quarter million dollars is. Then, he literally dragged her through part of the final race, as they were tethered together, which is a great final illustration of the way he treats women on-camera.

Wes was not happy with third place, he explained to us as he always does, enunciating so flawlessly that every ounce of his assholeness came through. “We’re third place, which is really not that impressive. And anyone who says congratulations for bronze can suck my dick.” The editors showed us him saying that about four seconds after TJ told him “congratulations,” so that must have been a fun afterparty.

A new Challenge, officially titled The Duel, has already been filmed and will air later this fall. And TJ Lavin will return as host, guaranteeing at least a minimum amount of amusement.