Boogie defends his comments and says he was “just entertaining people”

It’s been about one week since Mike “Boogie” Malin won Big Brother 7, and in Big Brother time, that means we should have completely forgotten him by now. Alas, TV Guide is late out of the gate getting its interview with him,

First, Mike gives a broad defense of his behavior by referring to his humiliating appearance on The View. He said, “Yeah, Rosie kind of raked me over the coals, but I’m a good sport and she’s a good sport. She’s obviously a big fan of the show, and we had a great time. At the end of the day we’re all just entertaining people.”

Technically, Mike, you were just annoying people and pissing them off. Surprisingly, though, he does a 180 and admits that what he said was true. “I don’t mean to hurt her or her family, but those were my real feelings. That’s how I became an all-star — I don’t hold back, and sometimes people’s feelings get hurt, and I’m sure people said nasty things about me that I’m going to go home and watch and I’ll have to live with that myself.” Later, he adds, “It is tough, because you are trying to be funny, but it can hurt people’s feelings.”

Then he turns around and says Marcellas is “an angry little queen” for voting against him. Clearly, he learned his lesson.

Finally, Mike says that he “was probably the wealthiest person on the show” and still “cleaned up on the prizes. With the exception of Will getting the five grand, I got all the prizes.” But those weren’t the reason why he spent three months in the house. “I really went on there to prove that I could be one of the best players in Big Brother history. I didn’t think about the money and the prizes and all that. Last time around I got knocked as the court jester or class clown, so I wanted to show people that I could really play this game,” he said.

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