Good Morning America surrounds Clay’s interview segments with gay stories

By not pressing Clay Aiken to answer her questions with any sort of specificity, Diane Sawyer may have provided more evidence for those who think television journalists are spineless parasites who will stop at nothing to please a celebrity’s publicist. But a competing school of thought suggests that, in fact, Good Morning America may have given us some answers outside of the actual interview segments.

As Gawker noticed, both of Clay’s interviews ended with the show’s hosts promoting an upcoming segment related to being gay. This morning’s was the most egregious. Breaking in the middle to pitch, Diane Sawyer said, “Clay Aiken, drawing a line on questions and answers. … And coming up next: Isaac Mizrahi, surprising someone, heading into the closet…”

At the very least, it’s a huge coincidence; at worst, it was not-so-subtle editorializing on the show’s part. Watch both segments and decide for yourself:

and GMA? More Like GMGay! [Gawker]