Clay Aiken says he’s on Paxil for panic attacks

Diane Sawyer’s three-part interview with Clay Aiken aired its second installment on Good Morning America today. Yesterday’s part was basically substanceless, except for Clay joking about his hair. “I don’t really know my real hair color is anymore. It’s probably gray by now,” he said.

This morning, Clay admitted to taking Paxil for panic attacks that have been occurring since the show. However, he said he’s not in therapy. “Nobody I know in North Carolina goes to see anybody,” he said.

He also talked about being bullied, both as a kid and now. “I’ve probably been bullied on a far larger scale since I’ve done this,” he said. “Those kids in middle school had nothing on the tabloid.”

However, as far as specifics are concerned, that insipid twit Diane Sawyer is making us wait until tomorrow; in a preview, we saw Clay saying only, “This is a waste of my time. I’m done.”

People magazine sort of one-ups GMA by publishing on its web site an interview with Clay that will be in Friday’s issue. In it, he says he desperately wants kids, but not necessarily his own. “I want to be a father so badly. I want (kids) one day. Not now. … I would love to adopt,” he said. And regarding whether or not he’s gay, Clay sidestepped the question, saying only, “What do you say (to that question)? … People are going to believe what they want.”

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