Bravo’s Work Out concludes tonight

The first season of Work Out concludes tonight on Bravo.
If you’ve missed it, Bravo airs the entire season today starting at 4 p.m. ET, concluding with the finale at 9.

Jackie’s a compelling person and boss who’s like Jonathan Antin, but in better shape and with a more controlled temper. The show also spends a fair amount of time on actually watching the trainers train their clients, including Victioria Fuller.

The most fascinating part, however, has been reality TV’s most dysfunctional realtionship of the summer. Watching Jackie’s girlfriend Mimi is like watching a two year old operate the body of a 20-something woman. She bites and throws things when she gets mad instead of dealing with them as an adult would. Heck, even if she responded like a teenager would, that’d be an improvement.

The odd part is that she’s perfectly capable of articulating her thoughts to the camera when she’s alone and doing her interview segments; she just can’t actually talk to Jackie, which probably explains why Jackie started going out on dates with other women during last week’s episode.

In any case, Bravo has leaked a scene from the finale that promises there will be plenty of Mimi drama, and even some Mimi violence. As a bonus, this scene is narrated by Rebecca from The Amazing Race 5, who is one of Jackie’s trainers: