NBC’s Treasure Hunters concludes tonight

NBC’s summertime series Treasure Hunters concludes tonight at 9 p.m. ET. It had the misfortune of airing opposite Hell’s Kitchen 2 and being a bit too similar to The Amazing Race without actually having its high-speed tension.

Of the 10 teams, which are the best part of the show, only The Geniuses, Southie Boys, and Air Force remain. One will find and win the “treasure that will become the richest prize in television history,” according to NBC. Is it free RAZR phones for life? A Two and a Half Men walk-on role?

The show concludes when “the worth of the treasure will be revealed live from Washington, D.C.,” according to an NBC press release. How exactly a race concludes live and retains its drama is beyond me, but the show will also apparently feature a live reunion. And lots of random product placement.

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