CW says Top Model 7 is “on track” for its debut even as writers continue to strike

The Top Model 7 writers’ strike is ongoing, and today, those striking are asking show fans to come out and protest with them.

It’s “Fan Appreciation Day,” and former cast members Lisa D’Amato, Giselle Samson, and Ebony Taylor will all be at the strike to give you “make-up tips and advice from the pros on how to maximize your model potential.” The union is also asking fans who support the efforts to e.mail Tyra Banks and the network’s president. Tyra’s spokesperson had no comment for the AP about the strike.

The AP also talks to Sara Sluke, one of the protesting writers, who says that, despite the label “writer,” they are not constructing stories from nothing. “There seems to be this idea that we feed lines to the girls and that we really do manipulate the actual shooting. That is not true at all. … We look at primary characters, maybe look at who is being eliminated that week, and craft an arc so that their elimination is either something the viewers are sad about or happy about.”

Despite the fact that the story producers and writers haven’t been working for two weeks, The CW said in a statement that they “expect these issues to be resolved in the near future, and the show remains on track for its Sept. 20 launch on the CW.”

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