CW says Top Model 7 is fine despite strike, but WGAw says episodes are unfinished

The WGA West, which is organizing a strike against The CW and the producers of America’s Next Top Model, told the new network’s affiliates last month “that most of the episodes were unfinished and urged them to intervene.”

Yesterday, CW president John Maata wrote to affiliates and told them that “the delivery of episodes is on schedule,” and said that if the strike “has not been resolved by the onset of production for the next edition of the series, a contingency plan will be developed and whatever steps necessary will be taken to continue delivering episodes that maintain the show’s high standards.” Earlier, the CW said the show was “on track.”

However, two writers, “Sara Sluke and Kai Bowe, told Daily Variety this week that the show would have needed to stay in production until November to complete the current season,” the paper reports. “They noted that at the time of the walkout, six of the episodes had been shot, four of the shows had been written but not shot and two had not been written.” The part about episodes being “written but not shot” is sort of odd, considering that the writers’ arguments that they aren’t scripting reality but are organizing footage into storylines.

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks finally spoke up, saying that the strike was none of her business, even though she’s an executive producer on the show. In a statement, she said,

“I respect the desire of any employee of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ who wants to be unionized; however, this is not a decision I control. This is an industrywide issue between the networks, studios and unions. I hope this matter is resolved as quickly as possible and on terms agreeable to all parties concerned.”

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