36 of Biggest Loser 3’s 50 contestants will leave, “compete at home”; two will return

The huge, record-breaking, 50-member cast of The Biggest Loser 3 won’t stay that big for very long. In fact, the show will quickly narrow the group to a regular-sized cast of 14 people we can get to know, love, and hate.

NBC says those who aren’t selected “will leave the ranch to compete at home after going through an initial fitness and nutrition boot camp,” but they won’t be out of the game. “One man and one woman from the 36 state contestants who lose the largest percentage of weight will then rejoin the game at the ranch in a later episode,” according to a press release. At home, “[t]he show’s medical team will also monitor the contestants on a regular basis.”

But even better, those competing at home will use products you too can buy! As NBC says, they “will have access to www.thebiggestloserclub.com, a 24-Hour Fitness gym, ‘The Biggest Loser:’ The Workout DVD and book while making their lifestyle change at home.”

The new, Jillian-less season debuts Sept. 20.

NBC’S Hit Series ‘The Biggest Loser’ to Feature Competitors From All 50 States… [NBC press release]