Donald Trump fired Carolyn Kepcher

Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump’s left-hand woman on the first five seasons of The Apprentice, has been fired, literally.

She “was fired earlier this week. Rhona Graff of the Trump Organization confirmed to that Kepcher no longer works at the company,” according to the site. (That is the Rhona, the woman who calls the candidates early in the morning to give them their orders.)

The New York Post, which first broke the story, quotes an unnamed source who says Carolyn “became a prima donna. Being on ‘The Apprentice’ went to her head. She was no longer focused on business. She was giving speeches for $25,000 and doing endorsements.” The Post reports “that when Trump tried to reach her recently, she was off on a trip to make a speech. Another time, while giving a tour of the pro shop at the Briarcliff club, she didn’t seem to know the prices on any of the merchandise.”

Despite the firing, Trump and Carolyn are reportedly still buddies. According to a Post source, “Trump told her what she had to do was take some time off and spend it with her family, and then get another job. They have a great relationship.”

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