Apprentice Tarek starts a “clothing company dedicated to outfitting Christian men in quality apparel”

The Apprentice 5‘s Tarek has started “[a] clothing company dedicated to outfitting Christian men in quality apparel.” If you’re a female pagan, you’d better find someone else to make your clothes.

Formerly best known for ruining the reputation of MENSA members everywhere by making stupid decisions and having Donald Trump ridicule him on national television, Tarek’s “commitment to spreading the Christian message has generated significant interest from the media and fans throughout the country,” according to a press release issued by his new company.

His commitmnet led him to co-found Lionheart Apparel yesterday. According to the company’s web site, it will offer “hats and t-shirts representing rare and distinctive Christian symbols” on “meticulously embroidered wool FlexFit caps and fitted cotton tees.”

“My belief young men are suffering from an identity crisis inspired the clothing line,” Tarek says in the press release. And if there’s anything a man with an identity crisis needs, it’s a wool cap and cotton t-shirt–fitted!–emblazoned with a rare Christian iconography.

Former ‘Apprentice’ Contestant Starts a Christian Apparel Company [press release]