GM drops Survivor sponsorship, but not because of race twist

After sponsoring Survivor for its first 12 seasons, GM has dropped its sponsorship of the show.

That their sponsorship was dropped before the most controversial season yet is “just a coincidence” and “not cause and effect,” GM spokeswoman Ryndee S. Carney told the AP.

Instead, it apparently took them 12 seasons to figure out that it’s not exactly organic to have a GM vehicle drive across the sand on an island only accessible by boat. They wanted more integration, but “[t]here’s a limited number of possibilities as to how you can integrate a car or truck in a show that people spend their whole time on an island,” she said.

In fact, the AP reports that “the company made the decision in the normal course of making its media buys months ago, before the show made its recent announcement.”

GM Withdraws CBS’ ‘Survivor’ Sponsorship [AP]