Dave Navarro denies report that winner has been selected, says group doesn’t yet agree

Dave Navarro has responded on his web site to an online gossip report that the winner of Rock Star: Supernova has already been decided upon.

In her blog, Janet Charlton claimed that the group had already selected its winner, even though the finale is weeks away. Besides the fact that she cited no sources, she also disclaimed that by saying this was true “[u]nless something TOTALLY unforseen occurs (like an arrest) this is in the bag.” Worse, in order to discover who she says is going to win, you have to click on an image that first loads a set of Google ads for five seconds before revealing the person’s name. Anyway, she claims that (highlight to read) Lukas will win.

However, Dave Navarro writes that Janet “doesn’t have a clue as to what she is talking about,” primarily because “Supernova has yet to be on the same page with each other in terms of favorites and they are waiting to see if their ideas line up in the coming weeks based on the remaining performances.”

Navarro responds to claims that “Storm [is] being edged out through our comments.” He writes, “no matter what happens, the band can throw out whoever they want for whatever reason they want. They can also save whoever they want. Hell, they don’t even need reasons!”

The show is now down to its final five: Dilana, Lukas, Magni, Storm, and Toby.

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