Tim Gunn calls Alison’s losing dress a “sculptural masterpiece” that led to “a tragic outcome”

On his blog, Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn is particularly honest and blunt about what he thinks about the show, and after an episode airs, he offers more in-depth critiques of the garments.

In yesterday’s post, Tim says Alison’s elimination last night “was a tragic outcome.” He writes that “her design was an origami and sculptural masterpiece in my opinion. Foolish me, I thought she could win. Neither of us anticipated that the asymmetry of the design would bug the judges.” He adds that, while “she and I both anticipated that the bulkiness of the pleated corset would add more girth to her already-plus-size model,” ultimately, “That was her death knell. … It’s a matter of taste.”

Also on last night’s blog entry, Tim ramps up the bitchiness. After calling Angela’s dress “an elementary school craft project for a production of Camelot,” he writes that Kayne’s dress was “a hot mess” that “looked like it was going to Pattycake’s birthday party at Angela’s art camp.”

Tim’s Take: Waste Not, Want Not [BravoTV.com]