Heidi Klum’s top design picks in Life did not reveal a season three spoiler

In Life’s current issue, Heidi Klum discusses her favorite garment from each of Project Runway‘s three seasons. However, her comment about her third season pick could have been interpreted to suggest that the designer of that garment does not make it to the final three.

A clarification posted on the magazine’s web site, however, changes her remarks so that they’re no longer implying any such thing. (Use caution when reading on if you’re skeptical and think producers are just covering up a slip-up.)

Heidi’s pick for her favorite third-season dress was “Michael Knight’s coffee filter dress for the first challenge,” she said. Heidi added, “He didn’t make it into the top three [of the challenge], but the dress was beautiful, really original and as well-constructed as something could be from such delicate material.”

The part in the brackets is, according to WWD’s Memo Pad, the part the magazine clarified. Without those three words, it sounds like Heidi says he didn’t make it to the end of the competition. But as he did not make it to the final three of that particular challenge, it’s also possible her comment was entirely innocent. That’s what Heidi says is the case, which is why Life clarified the comment on its web site.

Life’s executive editor Maggie Murphy tells WWD, “Heidi’s a pretty precise person. My instincts say she was probably talking about that episode, but I don’t know that we will know for sure until the next few weeks unfold.”

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