Ralph Fiennes is a Project Runway fan; Bravo exec says either Nick, Andrae, Santino, or Daniel hooked up

So, Ralph Fiennes is a fan of Project Runway. His friend, Bravo VP Andy Cohen, sent him a copy of the second season DVD, and he became, Cohen says, an “addict like the rest of us.”

That led to a sort of surreal interview on Bravo’s web site where Ralph Fiennes interviews Andy Cohen about the show. The interview doesn’t have any major revelations, but does have one juicy piece of gossip: apparently, two contestants hooked up last season.

Specifically, in response to a question about showmances, Cohen says, “There was a rumor last season that something happened in Nick, Andrae, Santino, and Daniel’s apartment. I thought that it was between Santino and Andrae but i can’t be sure.” Maybe it was between all four of them?

Anyway, that wasn’t the response Fiennes expected, so he asked about the women. “I don’t know of any girls and boys hooking up, but most of our boys are gay, gay, gay. This season we had several straight guys and the beautiful Allison, but I didn’t hear that anything happened,” Cohen says.

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