Laguna Beach’s new narrator Tessa is a part-time model

When Laguna Beach returns for a third season Wednesday night, it will have a largely new cast and a new narrator. 17-year-old Tessa Keller takes over for LC, although she says her parents weren’t really into the idea at first. “After we talked about it, and investigated more, they got used to the idea,” she tells the New York Daily News.

Despite the fact that she was selected, Tessa remains totally chill. “It wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t think much of it. I don’t get overexcited,” she says. But she did realize that doing the show “could be a lot of fun, it could be a good opportunity.” (Cancelled UPN series, here you come!)

What experience does she bring to the role? According to the Daily News, Tessa “models for surfwear companies Hurley and Lucy Love,” but “in her spare time.”

Surprise of all surprises, she says that some third-season cast members intentionally sought out drama. “Some people want attention. And they might cause something to cause drama,” she said. “For me, I acted like it was my normal life. … You probably worry about what you say more. But it’s what I signed up for. I knew [talking about life] is what I’d have to do. If you didn’t really want to talk about it, you wouldn’t be here.”

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