Laguna Beach’s third season debuts tonight, features “a whole new generation”

Laguna Beach‘s third season debuts tonight, and it features “a whole new generation,” according to MTV, so it’s sort of like Saved By the Bell: The New Class. It debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

The show features a new narrator, Tessa, plus eight other regular cast members. Among them are Chase and Kelan, who have their own rock band, Open Air Stereo.

The reviews suggest this season is going to be as good as the previous ones. “Tessa is likable compared to Kyndra and Cami, the deliciously loathsome queen bees ruling this social jerk circle,” The Boston Herald’s Mark A. Perigard’s writes. “Not nearly as sexy as they think they are, Kyndra and Cami share a quarter of a brain yet manage to instill fear throughout their high school clique.” The Hartford Courant says the cast includes “layabout girls who stress about boys and have daggers out for rival girls (for reasons they seem to forget) and boys who are more clueless than ever, whose maintenance of abdominal muscles seems their main goal.”

But The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan says there might be a problem because Tessa “cannot carry the voice-over. Second, and worse: she’s not popular. For ‘Laguna Beach,’ that’s downright ominous.” And “Tessa’s exclusion from the ranks of haughty Kyndra and scheming Cami, the big dogs here, is going to suffuse the drama with status anxieties that have no place on ‘Laguna Beach.'”

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