Kathy Griffin no longer speaks to Matt, doesn’t “particularly love men right now”

Kathy Griffin has been very wounded by her public divorce from Matt Moline, who stole $72,000 from her. While Matt “apologized, Griffin said they no longer speak,” according to the AP.

But their divorce has affected more than just their relationship. Kathy says, “I also don’t want to meet anybody, don’t ever want to get married again and don’t particularly love men right now.”

Oddly, the AP ran this story a few days after Kathy lost her bid for an Emmy, which was revealed at the Creative Arts ceremony last Saturday. But Kathy said she was looking forward to last night’s ceremony. “I can’t wait. And I get to go to all the parties and feel ‘in.’ I get to feel like I belong!”

That said, she realizes all that proximity could hurt her work. “I really don’t like to hang out with celebrities because then I don’t feel that I can do my work, which I call the ‘Lord’s work,’ which is making fun of celebrities. … And so I like to gawk at celebrities and look at them from afar and I’m having, you know, a Diet Pepsi and sipping it and judging them … I’ll definitely say hi to lots of celebrities, but believe me, I’m not gonna be at the afterparty.”

Griffin: Being up for Emmy a ‘Cinderella story’ [AP]