Hell’s Kitchen 2 concludes tonight

Hell’s Kitchen 2 concludes its summer run tonight at 9 p.m. ET with a two-hour finale. Either Virginia or Heather will win her own restaurant at the new Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Tonight, the previous cast members return to help the finalists run their own pseudo-restaurant.

This season has been practically indistinguishable from last season, which is actually a good thing; it’s mostly about Gordon Ramsay screaming at people and calling them fun names like “stupid donkey.” But the cast seemed weak overall, at least in terms of their talents and abilities to take over their own restaurant. The final two–and heck, three–was rather surprising, at least in terms of typical reality TV finalists. Heather seems to be the only person with both competence and personality, although she’s a control freak; Virginia has some talents, but is also kind of an idiot.

But there may be an explanation as to why she beat competent but bumbling, grouchy Keith last week. As Keith incredibly told Gordon Ramsay to his face after he’d been eliminated, “I personally think you have a hard on for Virginia.” If only someone on The Apprentice would say something like that to Donald Trump.

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