Kaysar nominated for eviction after Janelle wins the veto and punishes the house

Well, that was a stupid plan. Danielle nominated Janelle and James with the hopes that he’d win the power of veto and prevent Janelle from escaping eviction. Instead, the opposite happened, and Janelle won, saving herself.

Even better, Janelle won by accepting various forms of punishment for the house. In a game that involved earning and spending points for various rewards and punishments, Janelle took a number of punishments, including forcing the entire house to sleep on cots and have no hot water for an entire week. That went over wondefully, as did her decision to put the four non-competing houseguests on slop for a week (although she apparently didn’t accept this punishment, but rather just lied to others and told them she did).

Danielle opted for some punishments, trying to ensure that Janelle wouldn’t win the veto; she accepted 24 hours in solitary confinement with just a camp toilet and quasi-oatmeal to eat. Worse, she turned down one of the rewards offered, which was a phone call home. “I’m completely alone,” Danielle said once she realized that her allies hadn’t, surprise surprise, taken any punishments for themselves, but had in fact taken rewards. “I’m so pissed off.”

Meanwhile, the other veto players raked in prizes; Boogie walked away with a trip and a plasma TV, while Will won $5,000. Even more incredibly, they managed to successfully blame the prizewinning on Marcellas, once again deflecting attention from themselves.

Janelle came close to being the player we remember from Big Brother 7, noting that James’ nomination “doesn’t make sense.” She correctly suggested that he was used as a pawn to get rid of her, but Kaysar (oh, Kaysar!) insisted that James would “never take that deal in a million years.” Alas, he did, and as a result of Janelle’s winning the veto, Danielle put Kaysar up for eviction. He’ll most likely go home on Thursday, his birthday. Better now than after he has four more weeks to make us realize what a terrible player he actually is.

In other news, we were treated to a segment with Will and Howie shaving themselves in the yard, and Will did everything in his power to assert his masculinity while he removed all of his body hair, accusing Howie of being a “fruitcake” for offering to help him shave. But the most disturbing part was when Chicken George, ever the sad, sad follower, said he “might as well” shave, too. We did not see this take place, thankfully, but instead were treated to one of the most disturbing images ever filmed: a shirtless George lying face up in front of Howie, saying, “Take it all off.” The editors cut away then, giving all of us just enough time to not hurl a brick through our television screens to make it stop.