Howie says “a lot of” Big Brother 7 houseguests “cheated” with “illegal … pregame alliances”

Safe inside the sequester house, about to be joined by James, Howie Gordon says that his “eviction was a result of pregame alliances.”

“That was really the downfall of this all-star season,” he tells TV Guide. He praises Dr. Will’s game, but adds, “It is sad because Dr. Will is probably one of the greatest players ever — he’s very manipulative and he does his thing — but he had so much help this year. That elevated his game tremendously. With pregame alliances, they can pretend they hate each other and you really can’t pick up on things they discussed before the show, which is illegal. In a way they kind of cheated this year.”

In the time since Howie said he “really hate[s] George” in a different interview, he seems to have cooled down. He now says George is “a good guy deep down, but he’s really too stupid to recognize and understand the game.” However, Howie recognizes George “was in there playing for his family and anything at any cost to try to win the game. Obviously he is doing a good job since he is still in there.”

He also adds that, despite his confrontation with Mike Boogie, he wasn’t going to punch him in his ugly face. “I’ve never hit anybody in my life. Well, I’ve never thrown the first punch. Even if he’d have hit me I doubt I would have thrown any punches. But am I supposed to walk out like I am not mad? I was majorly pissed off and I expressed myself,” Howie said.

BB’s Hurricane Howie Blows Out to Sea [TV Guide]