Howie: “I really hate” George, and hate “Will and Boogie 10 times more than I hate Busto”

Howie is “in the tropics” in the sequester house, and he’s still pissed off, even having had a while to cool down after leaving the Big Brother 6 house Sunday.

There are three people he’s pissed at, starting with Chicken George. “I really hate the guy. And I hate his family,” Howie tells ASAP’s The Slug. “And I hate his existence right now because he swore to me twice that he was gonna keep me safe. He promised me twice he was gonna keep me safe, and he went against his word and I take that personally.”

Mad props to Howie for saying “take that personally” instead of “take that personal.” Anyway, Howie also has hate for two other people, Mike and Will. While he completely glosses over and idealizes his confrontation with Mike Boogie on his way out of the house, he admits that, surprisingly enough, he has much more animosity toward Boogie and Will than he did toward April last season.

“I hate Will and Boogie 10 times more than I hate Busto. Ten times more over,” Howie said. “If Will and Boogie’s plane goes down on the way out here, I won’t lose a second of sleep over it.”

Howie: ” I wasn’t gonna walk out the door looking at the ground.” [asap]