Producers redo HOH competition because of “techincal malfunctions”

The producers of Big Brother 7 screwed up the HOH competition last night by eliminating Howie when his buzzer malfunctioned, even though the same thing happened to Mike Boogie, who was not eliminated for that reason. While those problems were ignored by our ever-competent host on the live show, the following message was posted at the end of the episode recap on

Due to technical malfunctions of the buzz-in device, Big Brother will be redoing the Head of Household Competition. It will be broadcast during Sunday night’s show.

The result of the new competition was already revealed last night on the live feeds. (Update: Apparently the worlds of at least three people have been shattered by learning the following information, which isn’t really that much of a spoiler; skip ahead to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know who won.) Erika has been stripped of her HOH title and unbelievably, the new HOH is Janelle. She’s now assured one more week in the house–although her nominations are subject to the coup d’etat, not that she or anyone else has any idea.

This whole incident gave the houseguests a chance to rip the show, according to Jam! Showbiz, although we’ll probably never see it on TV. Howie yelled, “Just send me home if you are going to rig the game! My button didn’t light up when I hit it. That’s not my fault!”

And Will said, “I have said for weeks that the production of this show sucks.” Amen to that, doctor.

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