Diane voted out of Big Brother 7 and new HOH could be the victim of a coup d’etat

Diane Henry was voted out of the Big Brother 7 house by a vote of 7 to 1. She left because everyone promised their votes to Erika before Mike Boogie won the competition, and right before she left the house, Diane chastised them, saying, “It’s an all-star show; you guys should know better.”

Sitting with Julie Chen, Diane said she hopes Janelle pays for orchestrating her exit. “I want that karma boomerang to come around and take Janelle out of the game, preferably next week,” she said. Janelle’s former ally James seemed to agree; he’s still pissed at her, and seemed to be aligning himself with Danielle.

The HOH competition began on the live show but ended a few hours later, and involved the houseguests sitting atop a spider’s web made of rope. Oh, the creativity. The first five people to drop off it, however, had a chance at selecting an “egg,” some of which contained prizes. Julie Chen explained that all competitions this week will feature “difficult choices between power and temptation.” And severe boredom for viewers.

But what was genuinely interesting was a new twist Julie teased to us. Julie said that the coup d’etat “twist will enable one person to overthrow the HOH at a moment’s notice.” Julie suggested this will be introduced next Thursday, so this week’s HOH may be safe. Still, it’s about time; where has this been the past month?

The HOH winner will be officially revealed on Sunday’s episode, but the live feed watched already know who won; according to Jam! Showbiz, here’s how it played out (highlight to read the spoiler parts):

Danielle Reyes [won] the endurance competition that began at the conclusion of Thursday’s broadcast. … Howie Gordon and Erika Landin dropped out. It took two hours and ten minutes to complete the competition. Will “Dr. Evil” Kirby was the first to leave the web at only approximately ten minutes into the competition. … Will selected an egg and got a rotten one. James won the ability to nullify a vote, Marcellas scored the slop pass and Mike took home the money.”