Janelle nominated Marcellas after Danielle saves herself with the veto

Having introduced the most groundbreaking game element in Big Brother history since the Head of Household component was added, how is it that Big Brother 7 continues to be dreadfully boring? Oh, right: the producers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to not actually tell anyone in the house about it, nor will it be revealed until the live show, probably after a 12-minute interview with some woman Mike Boogie dry humped in college.

Anyway, the inter-alliance fighting is growing, but it feels very familiar. Janelle and Marcellas had an alliance that neither one of them intended to keep; Marcellas told us, “If I win household, the buxom blonde is toast.” But when that buxom blonde had to nominate someone else for eviction, after Danielle saved herself with the veto, Marcellas gave a viscous little speech. “I want to walk to up to blonde bombshell and pull that brassy blonde hair by its black roots,” he said. “Then I want to rip out her black heart, and shove it down Will’s cold, stupid throat.” At least he’s taking his nomination well.

Marcellas is pissed because, while flirting, Will convinced Janelle to protect everyone he’s allied with by nominating Marcellas. He and Boogie even showered together with the both Janelle and Erika, although their interest in the women is apparently just strategic. Those who suspected Erika and Boogie had a secret alliance learned that, despite the “few random kisses” in the shower and in bed, Will said the two guys planned on “ripping their hearts out of their chests and squeezing the blood in the pocket of their cheap blouses before they can blink twice.” How nice. Between those comments, Marcellas’, and James’, this is apparently the summer of misogynistic speeches in the diary room.

But the biggest sign that this season is on life support is the fact that we had a guest appearance by Big Brother 6 houseguest April during the veto competition. “It was really good to see Busto,” Howie said of his old nemesis. But all the producers had her do was eat some sushi, and the other three houseguests to return (Jack, Hardy, and Scott) did similarly lame tasks and then vanished. Janelle and April didn’t even care enough to scream at each other. Wake me up when it ends.