James promises to “backdoor that bitch” and “piece of shit” Janelle after she nominates Diane

I’ve been desperate for this season of Big Brother to get interesting, and I think I got my wish last night.

Janelle wanted Boogie or Will to win the veto so she could get rid of a floater. “I don’t think anyone else is seeing the big picture here. … they have voting power and they’re actually much better players than Chill Town,” Janelle said of the floaters. James insisted they “have to go after the people we know are coming after us,” referring to Chill Town.

Mike Boogie won the veto competition, which came after a night of sleep deprivation thanks to wake-up calls played at high volume every 15 minutes, driving the houseguests crazy. (“I’m about to throw myself over this balcony,” Marcellas said.) Mike Boogie celebrated his win by being the dumbass that he is, kicking glass goggles and earning himself a cut that required 10 stitches. Naturally, he planned to remove himself as a nominee for eviction, and thus Janelle had to decide whether to nominate Dr. Will (and make her alliance and the rest of the house happy) or to go with her strategy of attacking floaters.

When Janelle told him and the other BB6ers that she planned to nominate Diane, James reminded her that he nominated his buddy Jase last week. “You just said you’re doing what’s best for you, not the team. … I took the team into consideration, went against what was best for me last week, and now you have fucked me. You lied to my face, Janie. You have no idea what you’re doing,” he said.

Later, to Danielle, James signaled that he’s done with his season six group. “I want to start the revolution. When I get HOH next week, I’m gonna backdoor that bitch,” James told Danielle.

Janelle may have been right about the floaters presenting a bigger threat. However, she now she has everyone pissed off at her: members of her own alliance and the floaters. With only Boogie and Will as allies, she doesn’t have much of a shield, as the members of Chill Town are about as reliable as a boat made of Kleenex.