American Idol 6 auditions begin today

Today, thousands of camera-hungry media whores, and a few talented singers, will begin to descend on seven cities.

The show begins its search in LA at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, but if you’re planning on auditioning there, you’re very likely too late already, as registration began two days ago. People were actually allowed to line up as of 6 a.m. on Sunday. FOX’s updated American Idol site offers detailed information about the audition cities, including parking and directions to the venue.

The show will be in San Antonio on Friday, and you can get in line at 6 a.m. tomorrow. That line is for registration, and those who register “will be given a wristband and a seating ticket and asked to return on the audition day,” according to the show’s web site. Still, you might want to bring some water and coloring books.

MTV talks to several finalists and semifinalists who offer their advice about the audition process. And here’s my advice to anyone who’s planning to sing like you’ve been stabbed in the throat or will be showing up in a crazy costume: Please run into traffic right now.

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