Taylor Hicks sues former producer for selling old songs on iTunes

Taylor Hicks is suing to stop songs he recorded five years ago from being sold on iTunes.

According to The Smoking Gun, “Hicks charges that William Smith recently sold three of his songs via Apple’s iTunes music store,” songs Taylor wrote. Taylor was awarded “a temporary restraining order barring distribution of the songs by Smith” yesterday. TSG has the entire complaint.

But that’s not the interesting part. The Smoking Gun reports that Smith e.mailed Taylor’s manager after he decided to put the songs on iTunes, writing, “if taylor does not go negitive … then anything in his past that would reflect negitvly upon him will stay there, in the past.” But to TSG, he “denied that it was a ‘blackmail attempt.'”

However, says Smith told TSG that he “has previously turned down five-figure tabloid offers to speak about Hicks’s sexuality and his prior drug use.” Not that someone who can’t bother to spell check their threatening e.mail messages should be trusted, but what? “Taylor was a young musician, so you can imagine what he was involved in,” Smith said.

Perhaps this is what The National Enquirer was referring to when it reported that Taylor feared “rumors about his sexuality.”

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